See below some technical information about our Premium Billet Reed Case RC Engines.

THE RCMAX 40GT - The Champ of 40cc RC 

This new engine in our range is something very special, we have managed to create a 40cc engine that will out run other brand 50cc engines, keep the price extremely competitive and offer it as a flexible package where you can buy just what you need to suit your build.

This engine has an unusually wide power band for its size and thus feels like a much larger engine while not being too powerful to create constant drivetrain issues that hold back your bashing!

2018-12-15 11.05.15.jpg
2018-12-13 10.18.11.jpg

With fitment kit options for a range of cars including the LOSI 5T and 2.0, KRAKEN VEKTA 5 and KV5TT, HPI BAJA, LOSI/BAJA HYBRIDs, LOSI MTXL and the MCD XR5 MAX Rally car.

As with all our engines, custom anodising is available to give your engine build that special touch! We can also now offer Splash anodising which is currently unique to only us in the 1/5 scale industry.

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THE RCMAX46 - The worlds most popular big bore

This is certainly the most famous "Big Bore" RC engine on the planet. The first and for many people, the perfect step up from the 32/34cc Zenoah Based engines. This motor is super easy to start, easy to tune and maintain. A real hard bashers big bore that wont give up.

Roughly 2-3 times the power output of a tuned 32cc engine, this motor will completely transform your 1/5 scale. 

The 46 uses the same strength components on the bottom end as seen on our biggest engines, so offers incredible reliability and durability at very high rpm despite its size. The 40mm piston used in this engine has an extra long skirt for stability, meaning you can rely on minimal piston rock even at high rpm.

This motor is available with fitment kits for the LOSI 5IVE, LOSI MTXL, HPI BAJA and KRAKEN VEKTA 5. Head to our online store for pricing information.

The 46 is an excellent choice in the LOSI 5IVE and VEKTA 5 for impressive power without needing to spend a fortune on the driveline.

Photo 09-09-2020, 17 20 08.jpg

THE RCMAX 50GT - User friendly 50cc torque monster

This 50cc engine is designed to be the upper limit of what we would class as a smooth user friendly  big bore RC engine. Its got a wide spread of power which feeds in fairly smoothly which makes it deceptively fast and provides excellent traction on loose surfaces! Now proved many times over, our 50GT is THE fastest 50cc RC Engine on the market, period.

We would expect you to fit this up to stock losi 5T driveshafts and get many tanks of fun without concern over snapping shafts. Naturally youll need Billet diff housings etc to prevent smashing gears though!


The 50GT is at home in all big bore suitable 1/5 scales, but  it was mostly designed with the Losi and Kraken 4WD cars in mind, plenty of grunt to shift their bulk!

Photo 19-08-2020, 16 42 08.jpg
Photo 18-08-2020, 13 43 11.jpg


This is a unique innovative size of RC engine to RCMAX, an insane bore/stroke ratio of 1.5 means gives this motor some very interesting characteristics. As with all our new Supreme range, it features our industry leading custom RCMAX SUPREME Cylinder and Crankshaft

The 55 will turn heads where ever you run it, the second you hit the gas you will find an almost instant throttle response leading onto a super crisp high rpm note as she sings across your bashing spot.

This engine is a sweet spot for a big bore, enough power to blow your mind but not enough to destroy your car every run.

55 baja.jpg
Photo 09-09-2020, 17 20 59.jpg

The 55 is available to fit the Baja, Vekta and the LOSI 5ive. An absolutely fantastic choice as an all round impressive bashing engine.


This engine will start very easy, the short stroke means no need for a decompression valve or a sore hand when starting.

From a personal perspective, i would argue this is our best engine, its extremely powerful and exciting but is just at a point where you can realistically expect to build a reliable car for weekly hassle free bashing.


Another unique engine to RCMAX, ​as we run our own custom cranks instead of minimoto cranks like our competitors, we have the ability to build this short stroke (36.6mm, massive bore engine (47.6mm) RC engine. This results in a motor with an extremely wide usable powerband but without the car killing torque of the 71cc+

The RCMAX65 is well known for its extremely wide rev range that offers high vehicle speed from lower gearing due to the overrev rpm. Meaning a much longer clutch life as its easier to get the car moving from standing.

We offer 65cc fitment kits for the LOSI 5IVE, HPI BAJA AND KRAKEN VEKTA, all of which come complete with everything needed to drop in and go.

Photo 07-09-2020, 17 31 14.jpg
Photo 04-09-2020, 12 43 25.jpg


The 71 RCMAX has a special place in the range, its a long standing platform with a great history of getting the job done, and now we have taken it to the next level with the SUPREME Cylinder.

The 71cc is a fantastic balance between brutal torque and strong top end rpm. Despite the engine size, you can still expect to achieve 17500rpm with a good tune and a well bedded in engine.

The 71 Supreme has the best power/weight ratio in our range, its built on our compact crankcases and supplied with the amazing V3 62mm Custom clutch system which gets the power down great.

Due to the extreme power of the RCMAX71cc engine we have tried to build a shop full of the "best on market" upgrades so that you can equip your car to handle the performance.

The 71cc motor is an excellent choice in an upgraded HPI BAJA or LOSI/BAJA HYBRID, both of these can be built extremely strong on the drivetrain with Blackbone gears and IRC UHD Lifetime warranty driveshafts.

We offer 71cc fitment kits for the LOSI 5IVE, KRAKEN VEKTA/TT, HPI BAJA and HYBRIDs, just make sure your ready for what your getting yourself into!!! 


Photo 11-02-2020, 13 17 28.jpg


Our NEW Big Boy Engine, this is our most powerful engine ever producing circa 15% more output than the previous 90GT. Its built using the SUPREME Cylinder with our longest stroke crank.


The RCMAX 80 will require an extremely detailed and thorough build to handle her. We recommend the LOSI/BAJA HYBRID PLATFORM, the "OUTLAW" Kit being the best option on the market.

This unique motor features our RCMAX 45mm stroke crankshaft which brings in extreme GRUNT combined with our new SUPREME Cylinder to offer nearly 17000 peak rpm with a powerband that starts from just 8000rpm! 

This awesome combination means we have the lightweight 47.6mm RCMAX VERTEX piston travelling 45mm of stroke to give a nearly "square" engine, which is the way that most modern larger two stroke racing engines are going.

This monster features the new 110mm Clutch system and is available to fit either the HPI BAJA/HYBRID, PRIMAL RAMINATOR or the LOSI 5IVE-T Platforms. All choices will come with all the required custom brackets to match this new much larger crankcase to the car.

With the Baja/Hybrid fitment, there is a little dremel work to do on the brake mount and the top transmission plate in order to be able to fit. All details can be found in the user manual.

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Also head over to our facebook community group to ask existing RCMAX Owners any questions, cant beat hearing it direct from them.