91651S (Silver) Vented Universal Housing (All models w/o G320 engine) Compatible with Losi 5ive/Baja/Redcat/MCD/DBXL/RCMK and many more, also fits any chassis with CY or ZEN mounting holes.
Housing comes with an adapter plate to accommodate ZEN engines and ZEN spaced Chassis..

The three things which greatly affect performance of any large scale model clutches are:
- Clutch dust
- Dirt
- Heat.
Clutch dust and dirt can bounce between the clutch bell and enclosed clutch housing affecting clutch engagement and performance causing excess clutch wear. Heat being the third problem (especially when using enclosed clutch carriers) can cause performance to go downhill quick.
Vertigo Performance Vented clutch housing allows dust, dirt and excess heat to get out of your clutch unit.

Compatible with:
Losi 5ive/Baja/Redcat/MCD/DBXL/RCMK and many more
Chassis with CY or ZEN engine mounting spacing
COMPATIBLE with Losi 29cc 4 bolt engines that come "stock" with the Losi models, all Rovan and KM engines, zenoah 23-29cc engines. and many more