This is the extended ball drive set - to suit longer arms such as FLM extended.


Introducing a first for the HPI Baja - 
We are pleased to announce The UberRC HD Ball Drive System v4.2 is now available.
(4.2 update features increased heat treatment to cups for even more durability and dogbone ball bearing socket adjustment)

The UberRC HD Ball Drive System features x5 ball bearings spaced around the ball end to provide a perfectly smooth drive at all possible angles of the Baja's suspension travel and gives 5 points of contact inside the cups as opposed to 2 with standard systems. Featuring a 9mm thick dogbone, we have purposely aimed this at high end users running big power plant engines, plus stock engines alike.
No more broken dogbone pins with this system, boot it, grease it, run it, love it.
Please note the v3 currently available may no longer be compatible with Hemiboots due to an increase in cup wall thickness.
All components have been precision engineered from the highest grade steel suitable for the application at hand.

The UberRC Ball Drive system comes complete with everything you need:
x2 9mm thick HD Ball Drive Dogbones
x2 HD Ball Drive cups (Wheel end)
x2 HD Ball Drive cups (Diff end)
x2 Grub screws
x25 Ball Bearings (5 spare)
x1 Exclusive UberRC HD Ball Drive sticker

We give our customers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the ENTIRE SYSTEM when used with a stock engine, anything over stock we will warranty when used with our HD Ring Set (purchased separately)... if any component fails - we replace it FREE of charge.*


*Lifetime warranty refers to the perceived lifetime of the components within the system used in conjunction with our T&Cs. Ball Bearings Not Included in Warranty.