Introducing the UberRC Viper V2 Tyre for the Baja 5b. (v2 features improved internal belting)

This is a pair of rear Super Spike tyres, over 10 months of R&D have gone into this tyre to make a true first for the Baja with a fully belted Zero growth tyre... we have borrowed technology from the motor industry and covered the entire inside of the tyre with a Zero Growth Belt. This means no longer do you need to fit expensive foams to stop the ballooning effect once your car gets up to speed, the tyre stays planted as its designed to do and achieves maximum grip no matter if your on the straights or bends. Suitable for off road use and offering outstanding grip on grass and dirt alike this tyre can take many surface types and gives amazing performance back to the driver no matter what your engine size.

Fits any beadlock, wheel and foam insert* combination you like.
If you want outstanding grip with true Zero Growth this is the tyre of choice.

v2 Update to internal belting, we have improved strength after listening to customer feedback.

*Please note due to this tyre already being Zero Growth there is no need for Zero Growth Foams.