Fed up of broken/unreliable pull starts on your Zenoah/CY etc Engines? Worry no more with our new Ultra HD Sprung loaded Billet Easy Starter for all Zenoah and similar style engines.


Fitment List:

  • HPI Baja 5B/T/SC and all clones
  • Losi 5T/2.0 (see note below about TR HD wider chassis braces)
  • Kraken Vekta and TT
  • MCD MAX Cars
  • Losi/Baja Hybrids


This Stunning Billet housing is fitted with rock solid GP460 internals and makes starting much easier/faster over stock starters.  Amazingly (see pics for proof) we have managed to design a billet starter housing thats just 37 Grams heavier than the plastic alternative GP460 housing (and thats without the adaptor plate needed to fit it to RC Engines which makes it heavier than ours). 


A GP460 Outerwear cover "fits" but not very well, a real stretch, So we have reached out to outerwears to make us a custom cover (coming soon)


We have tried to listen and learn from what else is currently out there on the market, combining your most popular concepts/parts but into a stunning and compact as possible starter.


For Losi 5T owners, if you run an excess width rear chassis brace, like the TR HD Brace, then you may need to do a tiny bit of dremel work to make room. Stock chassis braces, FLM chassis braces etc, all fit perfectly.