A Stunning Clear 2-pack Laquered Steel Exhaust system to fit all RCMAX Engines, however its better suited to the larger motors 55-80cc.


Available to fit a HPI Baja or Losi/Baja Hybrid. (Will fit nicely in all combinations of engine and cage other than a 71/80 supreme 110mm engine and a Team chase cage. This requires the rear of the cage trimming a fair amount due to the size of the taller motor)


This is a pipe design that we have been very keen to do for a long time, based off of the Original Tony Green 2-piece RCMAX Baja pipe with a number of design tweaks brought in from info gained both during the Dawson Era and the last two years of dyno time.


The prototype for this pipe was made by sacrificing Ray Dawson’s custom dyno pipe which has been modded many times over the years to achieve an amazing result.


This new shape and design now fits the Baja under the Team Chase, Kraken TSK-B and SX5 Cages aswell as many others. And Losi/Baja Hybrids under a losi shell with some form of protection bar at the back like the BDR hybrid engine protector.


Comes complete with full fitting kit for either Baja or Hybrid depending on your choice. (Will also fit ALX engines with a flat exhaust flange on the cylinder)