This is a complete pipe and fitting kit to suit Losi/Baja Hybrid cars like the Outlaw Hybrid and DIY builds with rcmax engines.


This pipe was designed for 71-80cc engines but actually it does also promote fabulous torque in smaller rcmax engines too, especially the 55/65 Supreme. (note you will need a 15mm shorter rubber mount for 65cc and below due to shorter engine block)

Its a two piece pipe to ensure extreme reliability and flexibility against cracking. The header section is sealed to the engine via viton o-rings and supported by 4 springs all pulling at opposing angles to keep it correctly aligned.


The stinger outlet points straight out the front of power for maximum power, simply cut a hole in the inner mudguard of your losi panels for it to poke through, it clears your suspension arms and the gases pass out the front under the mudguard and clear the arm/shock.


See photos for any fitment questions