A new alternative shape Billet Rear shock for the Baja 5B/5T/5SC and importantly Hybrid builds. This drop style tower is made to suit certain big bore exhausts like the Samba Hybrid Torque pipe that get very close/touch shock towers which sit in the normal Baja spot.


This tower incorporates the shock tower brace in the same one billet to ensure that your shocks are fully supported and the rear of your car laterally braced.


The RCMAX tower will fit with other brands of shock tower supports using the normal 4 mounting points. However when used with our stunning 5-axis machined one piece shock supports, there are 6 mounting holes for added strength. I personally have sheered off the 4x M4 screws on my baja on two occasions and wanted to provide a proper solution.


Supplied with 6x M4x30 Socket cap bolts