A totally innovative solution to firm up the rear end of your Baja 5B/5T/5SC and elimate all breakages and loose bolts. Instead of the rear shock tower supports being made up of 4 individual pieces bolted together (which are then only as strong as the bolts), we have 5-axis machined our supports from single billets to remove the weak points completely.


The RCMAX Shock Tower supports will allow fitment with other brands of shock tower using the normal 4 mounting points. However when used with our Billet HD Shock tower, there are 6 mounting holes for added strength. I personally have sheered off the 4x M4 screws on my baja on two occasions and wanted to provide a proper solution.


Supplied as a pair of LH/RH Tower supports with 2x M5x16 CSK to mount to the Bulkhead.