The RCMAX 80 SUPREME GO-PED ENGINE PACKAGE is the Ultimate engine for your ped, end of story.  We have everything worked out now after testing and initial production and can offer this Insane engine for anyone who wants to take their ped to new levels of madness!
(Black Anodising shown is just an example of what we can offer, as standard they will come super shiny Raw Billet but we can do anything, just ask)
If you would like to see running video, check out our FIRST speed run where we smash the current proven Goped Speed record here:
There is not a clutch system out there to compete with our three shoe 110mm adjustable Goped clutch!!!If you would like custom anodising on the engine, please just email me after placing your order and ill discuss options, colour samples and arrange that for you. The standard finish is our famous shiny Billet look.
As recently tested on youtube and set a new world GO-PED Speed record on our very first day of running and speed attempt!!! Im sure we go faster with taller gears and a better tune. (motor was still very new and tight so running rich as you can see on video)
The engine will be supplied as a complete drop in package with:
	RCMAX 80 Supreme Billet Reed engine with WJ71 Mod Carb
	Titanium RCMAX Exhaust System
	MONSTER 110mm 3-shoe Adjustable Kevlar clutch system to get the power down.
	GSR40 or GSR46 adaptor fitment plate with bearing style chain tensioner
	Powder-coated tubular steel exhaust and throttle linkage support frame.
	Mounting hardware
	Air filter
	Official RCMAX Hat

Custom Anodising is available in all colours and even Dual Colour Splash anodising! Please just get in touch after placing an order to discuss.

RCMAX 80 SUPREME GO PED Fitment Package

Chassis style