Complete ready to fit package for either the LOSI 5IVE T, 5T 2.0 or HPI BAJA


We are proud to finally release the RCMAX SUPREME Big Bore RC Engines, this is a very long term project with a design goal of moving away from using scooter parts as the rest of the industry does and engineering a truly custom made engine from the ground up! We can now guarentee that every components within the engine has been designed and manufactured for RCMAX to be the best available. 


The Jewel in the crown of the Supreme range is our new custom cylinder, this has been developed over an 18 month period to achieve a wider powerband than any scooter racing cylinder can offer plus using more modern two stroke port technology to achieve more output at all rpms!

The package includes the following:

  • 65cc Billet Reed engine (47.6mm Bore x 36.60mm Stroke)

  • NEW RCMAX SUPREME CRANKSHAFT (designed specifically for Big bore RC not scooters)

  • NEW RCMAX SUPREME CYLINDER (Worlds First Custom big bore rc cylinder)


  • RCMK high rpm ignition system

  • NEW RCMAX Reed System with 8 custom high tension carbon-fibre petals.

  • Walbro WJ71 Carb


  • RCMAX/CRAZY STU INTAKE SYSTEM and Billet Velocity stack included. If that Bling Show look is more important than the ulimate airflow , choose the RCMAX Billet intake system upgrade

  • RCMAX TITANIUM Exhaust System as standard- (to suit BAJA or LOSI)

  • Game Changing RCMAX V3 Clutch system with sintered steel shoes, dual control springs, forced air cooling system, vented Blackbone steel clutch bell and a billet clutch tower.

  • Complete throttle linkage

  • The famous RCMAX Official Hat


Custom Anodising is available in all colours and even Dual Colour Splash anodising! Please just get in touch after placing an order to discuss.


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Intake System