Our new super torquey 50cc engine, which has recieved huge support throughout the public testing videos, supplied with a full fitment kit for the Kraken Vekta 5 and TT. Drop in and experience brutual RCMAX power!


This really is an ideal engine for the Kraken platforms due to the strong torque curve.


Custom anodising is available, just ask.


The deal includes the following:

  • 50GT Billet Reed engine 

  • Custom made lightweight full circle crankshaft specifically built for the RC application.

  • RCMAX GT Triple exhaust port cylinder

  • RCMK high rpm ignition system.

  • NEW RCMAX Reed System with 8 custom high tension carbon-fibre petals.

  • RCMAX BIG BORE Exhaust System

  • UFC 54mm Clutch With FS racing shoes - Fits directly into your Vekta Drive System.


  • Fitted as standard with the famous Rooster Tail 990 Full Mod carb which is proved as the best choice.

  • Billet Intake System - Fits within the Vekta body (some very light trimiming MAY be required to allow clearance to the back of the intake, no cutting of side panels)

  • Complete throttle linkage

  • The famous RCMAX Official Hat and RCMAX Candy!


We have now added the option to add on the new Vertigo clutch carrier/bell/gear system at a heavily discounted price when buying with your engine! This includes a set of gears as per our recommendation for you.


Finally we have also recently added the option to buy the discounted Vertigo system with your engine, but also including the new RCMAX V3 62mm Clutch System.

Any questions, get in touch.