Our new very torquey mid sized Big Bore Billet Reed Engine! This has turned into our best seller and is kept partially in stock on shorter lead times as suits all platforms and turns heads everywhere by sheer power output for the size.


The 50GT is a very well rounded engine which will be at home in almost any upgraded 1/5 scale which can accept our engines. It has the torque to pull a heavy 4WD car, but still a decent peak rpm to scream in a lightweight Baja.


See it in action here: https://youtu.be/U7mNFxmEQT0


Custom anodising is available at an extra cost, please just get in touch.


The engine comes as a complete package, for full hassle free drop in fitment without any compatibility issues. We have a few optional upgrades available to choose also so you can build the package to suit your tastes

Engine spec:

  • 50cc Billet Reed engine (40mm Bore x 39.6mm Stroke)
  • Custom made lightweight full circle crankshaft specifically built for the RC application.
  • RCMAX GT Triple Exhaust Port Cylinder
  • RCMAX BIG BORE EXHAUST for your chosen car.
  • RCMK high rpm ignition system.
  • Industry leading RCMAX Reed System with 8 custom high tension carbon-fibre petals.
  • UFC 54mm complete clutch system
  • Choice of Rooster Tail Full Mod 990 or WJ71 Carb.
  • The famous RCMAX Official Hat and some RCMAX Candy!
  • Throttle linkage and Quick release


Fitment type
Carb Choice
Cylinder head
Intake System