This is our new smallest Big Bore Billet Reed Engine! The 40GT is designed to be a easy to use, affordable and extremely durable big bore RC engine at a fantastic price.


The engine comes WITHOUT a carb or pipe as by popular demand, so you can use any of the Big bore RC pipes on the market or pick up used pipes on the facebook groups.

We have however listed out a number of options so you can build a 40GT Complete top spec package. If you would like any other custom options like anodising or our 62mm clutch system, please get in touch.


See it in action here:

Engine spec:

  • 40cc Billet Reed engine (40mm Bore x 32mm Stroke)
  • Custom made lightweight full circle crankshaft specifically built for the RC application.
  • RCMAX Custom 40GT Triple Exhaust port Cylinder
  • RCMK high rpm ignition system.
  • NEW RCMAX Reed System with 8 custom high tension carbon-fibre petals.
  • Comes without carb as standard but you can add this.
  • RCMAX Billet Starter as standard
  • The famous RCMAX Official Hat

    Custom Anodising is available in all colours and even Dual Colour Splash anodising! Please just get in touch after placing an order to discuss.


Fitment type
Carb Choice
Clutch System
Cylinder head