Designed by OCBAJA (the originator of the Losi/Baja Hybrid) and 7075RC in the USA! And now Manufactured by ourselves (RCMAX) to our industry leading standards.


All Parts are milled from our proven 6082 Billet, no water-jet cut parts here! Same lightweight material we use on our Billet Losi 4WD chassis thats proven itself over years of testing in the US Nationals.


This cost effective chassis kit is designed to accept Losi front arm and Baja rear arms, so that you can make use of parts you may already have in stock rather than purchase the complete Semi-Roller Kit for 950GBP.


The Design has now been updated in line with all customer feedback since its launch, small improvements to almost all aspects of the kit which add up to make a massive different in fit/finish and reliability.  The weight of the kit has also been reduced overall to improve speed and launch from a standing start!