HPI Baja 5b. Made out of super tough polymer, this Roll Cage and body kit gives you added protection to your Baja 5b and it's internal components. The included clear Lexan body panels give unlimited customization and creativity. This can be achieved with either polycarbonate paint or vinyl wraps.

Note: With Integrated front/rear bumpers, skid plate and mounting accessories, the TSK-b kit mounts directly to your Baja 5b. A savings of over £100 in extra stock parts you would need to get for mounting the first generation CL1TSK Kit!



  • True scale Class 1 conversion kit for your HPI 5b
  • Integrated front and rear bumpers
  • Easy and quick roll cage installation
  • Direct mounting to your HPI Baja 5b
  • Heavy duty clear Lexan panels for unlimited customization
  • Super Tough polymer
  • Modular cages for easy and fast replacements

What’s in the box:

  • 3 Modular Roll Cages* - DuraCage™ Technology
  • Heavy Duty Body Kit** - 1.8mm Lexan Panels (Polycarbonate)
  • Nets Kit
  • Hardware Installation Kit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Kraken RC Decal Sheet

*Assembly of roll cage is required. Polycarbonate panels require trimming with Lexan scissors and Xacto Knife.
** Lexan panels are covered with overspray protective film.

Compatible Tune Pipes:

  • DDM Dominator fast pipe (rear)
  • CPI Racing tuned pipe (rear)
  • CPI Racing tuned pipe big bore (rear)
  • CPI Racing Tuned BIG BORE Pipe for HPI Baja 5SC (rear)
  • HPI Racing rear tuned pipe
  • Stock Can Muffler
  • GBE Hornet (rear)
  • VRC Pro Side Pipe - Side Pipe Bracket for VRC Pro Side Pipes is required (KRC70008)/ DDM part #fd214.

Note: VRC "Big Bores" silenced or un-silenced are NOT SUPPORTED


Compatible Engines:

TSK-b kit fits most standard engines including aftermarket modded ones with any of the pipes listed above. 

Compatible CL1TSK Accessories:

  • KRC70002 (Light Rack Kit)
  • KRC70004 ( Rear Spoiler Light Rack Kit)
  • KRC 70003 (Tire Rack Bracket)

Note: KRC 70001 (Scale Front Bumper - Not Supported)

TSK-b Manual - Download Here 

DISCLAIMER: HPI Baja 5b is not included and picture above is depicted with optional accessories and body wrap. Kraken RC is not sponsored or affiliated with Red Bull or KTM.Additional parts required for installation for 5b, 5SC and 5T - None.

The following accessories for the CL1TSK can be used - Light Rack, Rear Spoiler Light Rack and Tire Rack Bracket. CL1TSK bumper cannot be used since the TSK-b
has it's own integrated bumper that mounts directly to the chassis. Panels are not interchangeable between the CL1TSK and TSK-b.  

Kraken RC Limited Warranty (USA) 

Your CL1TSK Kit is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship when new. This warranty does not cover damages due to normal wear and tear, user error of assembly, installation, user modifications, additional aftermarket modifications to the Roll Cage. This warranty lasts as long as the original purchaser owns the product and is not transferable in the event of the defect under this warranty. Kraken RC will, at our discretion, repair or replace the product, provided our inspection indicates that an original defect exists. Kraken RC reserves the right to replace any product which is no longer available with a product of comparable value and function. If Kraken RC determines that the repair is not covered under warranty guidelines, there could be a charge applied for repair and return shipping charges.


International Customers WarrantyŒŠÛ¬
Please return product to your local dealer where the purchase was made. If your product was purchased online, any warranty issues must be taken care of by that retailer. Kraken RC assumes no responsibility for Kraken RC products sold internationally by online retailers.