In Partnership & Development with Joker RC , Innovative-RC are pleased to release these brake kits to 5T 5B mini etc owners.


Brake Pads are made from a very high grade European sourced moulded friction material blended with friction modifiers and fillers to offer grate braking in the dry but just as important in full wet track conditions too. offering stable wear rates upto 250°C+ with intermittent 350°C level translating into a long service life brake pad for bashers & racers alike. giving a grate brake setup for todays big CC engines also 46cc +

Brake Disks are made from a high grade rolled flat steel sheet, with a hardness ~55Hrc+, with cooling and vent grooves machined to offer grate contact in wet track conditions and dust grooves to keep braking at an optimal peak performance level. also a stable brake disk under ex-stream braking pressure and heat generated in race conditions or from stopping todays big CC engines.

These brake systems are not designed as an on/off brake setup, meaning these will give the user a smooth progressive brake setup action, translating into a smooth braking action with minimum brake pressure under load to full lock grip under heavy braking presure.

we have found from testing very good service life from these brakes over time, and pad fade has been kept to a very bare minimum but full individual parts are available should users need them.


Screws to Fit brake pads to towers options

Stock Tower to IRC pads - M4.5 Screw Thread to 6mm Pad fitting (stock plastic 5T tower)
M4 Tower to IRC pads - M4  Screw Thread fitting to 6mm Pad Fitting ( Full thread - most aftermarket towers)
IRC Center Tower to IRC Pads - M4 Screw Thread to 6mm Pad Fitting (has a plain section for I-RC Center Tower use)
No Screws (losi 2.0 as these trucks have 6mm screws as standard)


Losi 5T
Losi 5B
+ Other losi Variants/models

Km X2
30 DNT Short Cource