The HLT5000WP High Torque Digital Servo -  Designed and Manufactured in Australia. 


This fast reacting 50kg servo is idea for cars where you want lightening fast steering/brakes but still pack a reliable punch of power.

Unbreakable fully billet casing, waterproof *, 15T gear teeth, heavy duty metal gears, quality core metal motor, smart digital signal controller with Led status signals for diagnostic, quick disconnect servo lead, current limiter and over temperature shut down if servo ever got stuck to prevent the controller board from being burnt out, automatic shutdown if no RX signals present. 

Servo require 3 to 5Vdc square wave pulse. Pulse duration is from 0.9mS to 2.1mS with 1.5mS as center. Servos can be operated within a 6V-8.4V. range. The Black wire is 'ground', the Red wire ( center ) is 'power' and the third wire (white) is 'signal'. 

  • LED Signal Status:
  • - Green Flashing: No Radio Signal / Inactive
  • - Red Flashing: No Radio Signal / Low Battery / Inactive
  • - Green ON: Active
  • - Red ON: Low Battery voltage (Below 6 Vdc)
  • - Red/Green ON: Safe Mode (Current Limited)

* Servo is splash- and water-proof, but submerging is not recommended

HILANTRONICS HERCULES 5000WP 50kg High Torque Digital Servo