* Precision CNC machined to high tolerances from high tensile steel

* Hand finished

* Black Oxide coated

* Up to 4x stronger than competing lockers

* Crazyloc pin retainer system

* 22% lighter than factory diff

* Allows 100% drive to either front or rear wheels only, quickly and easily

* Designed with high HP/torque applications in mind, to be reliable and limit "diffing-out"/wheel unloading 

* Designed and manufactured in Australia. 

* Suits Losi 5ive T/Rally

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Crazy Stu’s Mega locker for the Losi 5ive T/Rally

The toughest locker available.   

This locker is machined out of carefully selected high tensile steel billet, and designed so that the tolerances on cups and bearings are as tight as possible.

As the tolerances are high, the pin will require the use of a hammer to insert.  

This has been done to ensure that there is no slop between the pins, bearings and cups in the locker. Therefore making the pins, bearings and cups last a lot longer than the competition.

The pin is retained by Stu's Crazyloc setup to prevent it from ever coming out.

The locker has been coated in Black Oxide which includes a dewatering oil dip to provide corrosion resistance.

The locker is up to 4x stronger than any other locker out on the market and 22% lighter than the stock plastic diff setup (wet).

High HP/torque applications is where the Mega locker shines. Rock solid and reliable, Crazy Stu's Mega Lockers have been designed to take more punishment than any other locker available. 

Sick of diffing out/unloading a wheel and losing drive, or worse, tearing up a tyre? This locker will assist in getting all of your brutal power to the ground by limiting diffing out/unloading all the cars power through a single wheel, as is the case with high weight diff fluid in high grip situations. 

These lockers will work in either the front, centre or rear of the Losi 5ive T/Rally and have been machined perfectly to accept any and all gearing currently available for the stock diffs.

The centre locker will also allow full power front or rear wheel drive in the Losi 5ive T/Rally, simply by removing either the front/rear centre driveshaft.

The lockers have been hand finished to allow for exact bearing fitment and tolerances.

In the kit will be supplied:

* 2x  4x22mm Phatdad pins

* 2x M5 high tensile grub screws

* Installation sheet.

Designed and manufactured in Australia

Crazy Stu LOSI 5IVE Mega Locker