Full replacement Differential cup/case set for the HPI Baja (all models - 5B,5SC,SS,5T), This cup is the same dimentions as the stock HPI cup/case so is a direct replacement part.



Diff cup/case is made from high grade 7075-T6 for the best weight to strength ratio and long life. Anodized in a clear finish comes complete with all internal parts shown (diff gear holders,Bush B080, bearing B030, O-rings, Seals, Hardend and ground drive pin (4x18mm), 2xshims and fixing screws (M4x16 BZP socket cap)).


Please note, we recomend dry assemble of the diff first to check gear mesh & shimming for best fit and readjust if and where needed. Tthe included 10x16x0.5mm shim is used to replace stock shim 87474.

We have also included 4x speshial Oil filled bush to replace B080, these release oil over time to help lubricate the dirve cup shaft and give very long life. 
also included are 4x Bearings (B030), this allows to mix and match between bush & bearing setup or bearing only or bush only setups. 


Stock Gear box - YES
TR Gear Box - YES
Integy Gear Box - YES
HPI Stock Gear (HPI86480) - YES
HPI HD Gear (HPI85481) - YES
blackbone ring gear - With Mods (inside gear fitment.)
this is not a complete list and may work with unlisted items, this is what coustoms have let us know that work.